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Indian Pictures: Apache Indian Women Photo Gallery


Chief Naiche (ca. 1857-1919) was the final hereditary chief of the Chiricahua band of Apache Indians. Naiche's name, which in English means "meddlesome one" or "mischief maker", is alternately spelled Nache, Nachi, or Natchez. He was the youngest son of Cochise. Naiche died on March 16, 1919 in Mescalero, New Mexico.


Apache girl in the , "Coming of age," ceremony. Do not know the Apache language for it. Wonderful gathering of her tribe!


Wife of Geronimo & Two Children, 1880s, Native American Apache Indian. All three, plus Geronimo's Mother-in-law where murdered by the enemy. Geronimo pledged to revenge their deaths, after he placed all their belongings and bodies in their TeePee and set it on fire. His grief ran very deep.

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Native American Apache Indian Dreamcatcher