Disney characters truly have the best hairstyles. Which one works best for YOU?

Which Disney Princess Hairstyle Should You Try Next?

Aurora of Sleeping Beauty

I want to incorporate this into the wedding somehow... like decorations at the reception, or something

Disney 30 Day Challenge Day My favorite Disney couple is Philip and Aurora.

AV loves anything Princess Aurora, specifically when she's wearing the pink dress. We have the costume, but any other Aurora gifts would be a hit!

Princess Aurora is the protagonist of Disney's 1959 film Sleeping Beauty.

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aurora - fanart - pink and blue compromise

Who watched this on abc family today? I know I did!

19 Aurora has a very relaxed life with a happy ending - nice to have :)

Favorite princesses (in no particular order)- Aurora (Briar Rose)

Favorite princesses (in no particular order)- Aurora (Briar Rose)

concept art from Sleeping Beauty... own character imagine for fantasy.

Sleeping Beauty-my favorite Disney princess

Aurora, cosplay                                                                                                                                                     More

Which Disney female are you?

I love Aurora! She is my favorite disney princess! So is Belle! My favorite disney character is Alice. They are all equally amazing, smart, pretty, and kind!

Princess aurora                                                       …

57 Things You Never Knew About Disney Princesses

Aurora in Sleeping Beauty 1959

Maleficent - The Encounter by nicholaskole on deviantART

The Curse of Maleficent: The Tale of a Sleeping Beauty illustrations by Nicholas Kole

By @aishaaaaah

By @aishaaaaah

I would just love to sing in the woods to all those cute lil animals :) lol

Princess Aurora with all the animals in the woods--Sleeping Beauty

Disney Princess Sleeping Beauty "Aurora"-inspired outfit. | Disney Bound.

"Disney Bound" outfit idea for Sleeping Beauty

Aurora! Disney this Disney that on tumblr by KD :) @Annie Compean Keller

Aurora (Outfits by DisneyThis-DisneyThat

INSPIRED Princess Aurora Disney Sleeping Beauty  Birthday Party inspired 12pc Favor Goody Gift 3D Bags hand made real picture by felsonmiguelina on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/214184519/inspired-princess-aurora-disney-sleeping

INsPIRED Princess 20 Aurora Disney Sleeping Beauty Prince Philip Birthday Party Favor Goody Gift Bags hand made real picture

Disney Steampunk by princesschandler on Polyvore featuring Oasis, Sydney Evan, Alexis Bittar, Warehouse, Welder, Tarina Tarantino, character, disney, princess and sleeping beauty

But Tinkerbell IS steampunk!