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I always yell in the band room that my saxophone is my only love, I have a crush on my saxophone, oh yeah and NOTICE ME SAXOPHONE SENPAI

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No problem

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Clarinet problem...And that's why my band teacher gave us ear plugs xD

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23 Things Every Music Nerd Will Find Funny

This pun which every music student can relate to. | 23 Things Every Music Nerd Will Find Funny

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I'm tenor sax and percussion but there isn't any percussion on this chart lol... it's would probably be annoying asf for both boys and girls

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Band Nerd Probs!!! Argh this is sooo annoying when you're about to compete and there's me tuner around!!!!

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Hahaha...I totally remember joking about this with some of my band geek friends back in middle school

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I now wish I got Paper Towns the other day instead of Looking for Alaska so I could find this...

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sometimes you really do have to just take some random person's stand and smuggle it to your section and sit quietly pretending nothing just happened.

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