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One of the most poignant messages from this genius. 'Keep Your Coins. I Want Change' by Banksy

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graffiti/street art More

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106 Awesome Banksy Graffiti Drawings #banksy #art #graffiti Love this one

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Famous Banksy art!! We saw this one reproduced on the wall of Abigail's Hostel in Temple Bar, Dublin :)

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This graffiti by banksy explores the idea of our dreams being dictated by society's expectations. In order for us to continue to live amongst the norm, we are at constant war with society's view on life. This image is a metaphor for how much control we actually have over our decisions

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why try to cover yourself from all the beautiful color in this world?

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This too exemplifies spirituality through looking at the larger picture of life, seeing it as more than something physical. #BID #BIDTucson #BeforeIDieUA More

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Almost Everything You Need to Know About Banksy's Art in One Infographic

Almost Everything You Need to Know About Banksy's Art in One Infographic

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HELP THYSELF_achieve greatness; stop asking permission_"If you want to acheive greatness stop asking for permission."

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Artist: Banksy. So I totally am in love with this mans stuff. mostly street art. Some gallery stuff.

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Inspirational quotes

Banksy | art to some, heresy to others. Either way, it's the most appealing and compelling form of social commentary that I've ever witnessed.

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Banksy...Banksy is a pseudonymous England-based graffiti artist, political activist, film director, and painter

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