1950s glamour girl and pin up Betty Brosmer who had the amazing hourglass figure of: 38-18-36 (inches). Her she has the most tiny waist, I know a lot more clothes were handmade in the fifties, but …

the highest paid pin-up girl of the considered by many as the first true supermodel. Her waist measured 18 inches, her bust 38 inches and hips 36 inches. It’s speculated she achieved her tiny waist with corset training

Beautiful Betty Brosmer - Imgur

Beautiful Betty Brosmer

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Betty Brosmer-Perfect Hourglass Figure (rcamsila) Tags: old blackandwhite woman girl vintage belt glamour best betty retro hollywood figure leotard hourglass bombshell covergirl curvaceous brosmer

Betty Brosmer very perky pinup 1950s http://ift.tt/2AwvzsT

Betty Brosmer very perky pinup 1950s http://ift.tt/2AwvzsT

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Julie Newmar vintage fashion style icon pencil skirt black sweater blue pin up girl pinup portrait sexy.

Vintage Gloves

This winter, I've substituted my usual Dollar Tree knits with vintage gloves. They add a bit of glam to my winter wear and make going .

let's go to Paris~ i must do this at some point in life

Betty Bjurström, Paris 1947 is who is in the pic by photographer- Christer Strömholm She is not Marilyn Monroe