Black mamba

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Black Mamba- really Grey with Black inner mouth. Don't mess around or it will end you quickly!
Black mamba - It is longest venomous snake in Africa. It is named for the black color of the inside of the mouth.
Red-bellied black snake by Adam Plucinski - via  mohamed dalha's photo on Google+
photos by Mark Laita, for the book 'Serpentine,' a collection of gorgeously lit snakes on a black background.

Vivid Snake Photos Come at a Cost — A Bite From a Black Mamba

Deadly mamba.  Rollins Band - Illumination
Love the Black Mamba, deadliest snake in Africa
Kobe Bryant 'Opulent Black Mamba' Art
Black the world's second longest venomous snake and the fastest snake on Earth!  It averages 8.2' in length and can move at speeds of 14 mph.  This snake is very deadly and respiratory failure or heart attack typically occur in humans 30 min. to one hr. after bitten.