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arm cannon belt black hair black rock shooter black rock shooter (character) blue eyes boots bra chains coat glowing glowing eyes gun huke lingerie long hair midriff moon navel open clothes open coat scar shorts sky solo star stitches twintails u

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30 Day Anime Challenge - Day 28 Favorite quote from any anime character - "If you don't get hurt, you cant see other worlds!" - Kuroi Mato from Black Rock Shooter

Awesome Black Rock Shooter Fanart !

Black★Rock Shooter an anime, and manga based off a Hatsune Miku song.

izuritaka: “ Chariot, Strength, and BGS drawn by Huke. ”

black gold saw black hair black rock shooter blonde hair chariot (black rock shooter) checkered claws crown horns huke long hair mechanical arms mechanical legs multiple girls red eyes shield strength (black rock shooter) tail yellow eyes

Black Rock Shooter Characters by Uberkill

Black Rock Shooter Characters by Uberkill

483 - 2014-02-18 - Black Rock Shooter

Strength from black rock shooter. Strength is my favourite out of all the characters, probably because of how awesome she looks with the giant gauntlets and the long tail