black sesame chiffon cake with lemon and keffir lime curd | vanillyn.

Cottony soft, moist and very flavorful Black Sesame Chiffon Cake, paired with homemade Lemon & Keffir Lime Curd.

black sesame brownies... inspired by an old Japanese cookbook & in tribute to black sesame paste!

Confession Not a big fan of chocolate (except dark bitter ones). Confession Craves comfort food on coole.

Kuro goma purin (黒ごまプリン), black sesame pudding - make this vegetarian by replacing the gelatine with agar agar or something similar. Could maybe try replacing the cream with soy cream?

Black Sesame Pudding (Kuro Goma Purin, 黒ごまプリン

Japanese Black Sesame Pudding (Kuro Goma Purin) by How delicious does this look? Black sesame desserts are some of my faves.

Black Sesame Ice Cream (try to make rsf/dairy free)

Black Sesame Gelato

The Best Black Sesame Soup Recipe | Learn to make Black Sesame Soup with our recipe and step-by-step tutorial at

How to Make Black Sesame Soup

Black sesame soup is a variety of Chinese dessert soup (or tong sui), commonly served after meals, as a mid afternoon snack and, of course, with dim sum.

Black Sesame and Chocolate Cake

Rich, Dense and Fudgey Black Sesame & Chocolate Cake

Black Sesame Brittle

Black Sesame Brittle

Three-ingredient black sesame brittle - crunchy and sweet with a deep roasted nutty flavor! Makes a great edible gift or sweet snack!

Black Sesame Chocolate Banana Bread

Black sesame seeds go perfectly in banana bread & if you have yet to try them, this black sesame chocolate banana bread is the ideal way to experience them

chewy and sticky, black sesame MOCHI ice cream

Black sesame mochi ice cream

chewy and sticky, black sesame MOCHI ice cream - sounds awesome plus hilarious lil intro!

Black Sesame and Pear Tea Cake {Beard and Bonnet} #gfree #projectlunchbox

Black Sesame-Pear Tea Cake

matcha green tea cake with black sesame frosting and brittle | Get Your Own Boutique Organic Matcha Today:


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Black Sesame Flan -- using non-dairy milk, black sesame paste (intending to ground sesame seeds) and agar.

Black Sesame Flan -- using non-dairy milk, black sesame paste (intending to ground sesame seeds) and agar.

Black Sesame Muffins

I'm pretty sure that black sesame is one of--if not is--the most commonly used flavor here on I've baked with it

Rich and buttery shortbread with toasted black sesame seeds make these cookies absolutely sensational!

Black Sesame Shortbread Cookies

The distinct flavor of roasted black sesame seeds and rich-buttery shortbread make these cookies absolutely sensational!