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34 Things That Will Make '90s Girls Feel Old

Blossom (TV show) Jenna von Oy, Michael Stoyanov, Mayim Bialik, Ted Wass and Joey Lawrence ("WOAH!

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25 Dolls From '90s TV Shows You'll Never Play With Again

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Blossom star Jenna Von Oÿ pregnant with second daughter

Blossom 1990 - 1995

Blossom 1990 - 1995

Blossom - what young girl didn't watch Blossom? She was the appitomy of what everygirl asspired to be - I mean the Russo's bro's WERE her 'on set' brothers and they were huge heart throbs at the time :)

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Style Icons 'Blossom', perhaps not here, but boy did I want to dress like her when I was And it's just blown my mind - the actress, Mayim Bialik, is also Amy Farrah Fowler in the Big Bang Theory.

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Punk fashion - boys wore messy, baggy, ripped up clothing; girls wore micro-mini skirts with leather black fishnet stockings; they also wore black eye makeup

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In the early Mayim Bialik played Joey Lawrence's floppy hat-wearing sister, Blossom Russo, on the TV series "Blossom." Apparently my mom said I use to watch this show when I was little but I don't remember haha

My favorite show when I was a kid! Blossom - TV Series of the 90s

Blossom - TV Series of the this a lot growing up; now Blossom is in the 'big bang theory'

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Cheryl Blossom✪◍ TV show Riverdale ✪◍

My little cherry blossom or should I say Cheryl Blossom (dumbest cringest yea)


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After playing the younger version of Bette Midler's character in Beaches, Mayim Bialik scored the leading role in NBC's sitcom Blossom. The show, which also starred Joey Lawrence, featured the then-16-year-old actress as a fashion-savvy teen who lived with her father and two brothers. It ran for five seasons from 1991 to 1995.

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