Demon Style Cooking Is The Man's Path! (Blue Excorcist)

Demon Style Cooking Is The Man's Path! (Blue Exorcist) after eating extremely hot oatmeal cooked by a demon Rin has a near death experience and has a vision of his dead grandmother ( who he's never even met before ) being ferried by Charon himself.

Rin Okumura

ao_no_exorcist black_hair blouse blue_eyes blue_fire fire flame frown glowing glowing_eyes looking_at_viewer male_focus matsunaka_hiro necktie okumura_rin short_hair solo water wet

Okumura Rin & Okumura Yukio & Miwa Konekomaru & Shima Renzō & Suguro Ryûji

Okumura Rin, Okumura Yukio, Miwa Konekomaru, Shima Renzō, and Suguro Ryûji from Blue Exorcist.