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Bobby Singer was the best

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24 Signs You're Actually Bobby From "Supernatural"

Sam's face! I love Bobby. He was only supposed to be in one episode but his character made such an impact on the show and the audience, that he just had to stay.

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Why Bobby Singer is awesome. "TRAP DOOR BITCH!" #Supernatural

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"So you must be the guy pretending to be their father." "Somebody ought to." #spn

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Haven't seen Bobby yet, but I know he's awesome and would have everything straightened out within half an episode.

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Well technically I've never hit pin so quickly in my life haha.

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OMG.... Staaaaahp with all the feeeeeeeels.

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Bobby Singer. Shine on you crazy diamond. <---- Maybe it's because it's late, or maybe because I'm tired, but I laughed for a ridiculous amount of time at both the pin and the comment.

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11x16 Safe House // Bobby: I'm worried about my boys, Rufus. Rufus: Your boys? Hey hey alright, okay.. papa bear.

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"I want to do it just to see Bobby again..." <---Pinned mostly for this comment. Supernatural: Bloody Mary legend

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