I can handle bad taste, it's no taste I can't stand.

charles bukowski quotes - ((Ashe never looked nice. she looked like art! art was supposed to MAKE you FEEL something.

Yes I do. #nightconversations

Yes, because at such a time people are not at their best nor their worst; no thought is given to faking it up when half awake & half asleep & so reality is clearly visible.

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thats true so clean fucking television from all those reality shows we have got one immensly enormous and its disgustingly beautiful add more contradictions if you wanna they all are nonsense

- Charles Bukowski - you nailed it! This is what I feel, but you said it!

I spoke my mind and clearly never got a response due to a lack of nerve I presume.

'Nobody But You' by Charles Bukowski. "Nobody can save you but yourself...Your spiritual self. Your gut self. Your magical singing self"

'Nobody But You' by Charles Bukowski. Get to know yourself absent of possessions., professions, other people. Who are you and how do you treat yourself? Is the real you enough to save yourself?