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First posted with the title "How To Be a Better Writer"--I think of this as simply "How to be a Writer."
My life sometimes consists of just me and my paper and pencil. And that's OK.
Especially when your parents ask. | 19 Times Tumblr Understood The Struggle Of Being A Writer

Especially when your parents ask.

Learn the important stages of being a writer and how you can navigate past the obstacles they present on your way up the mountain to mastery.
YES!! you might be a writer if...
22 Tumblr Posts That Will Make All Writers Laugh And Then Hysterically Cry

When you've got to be ruthless.

Maybe instead of being a writer I should be a director and actually direct movies that follows the book plot
How bad do you want to be a writer? Do you want it bad enough to actually write?
A writer is a writer
Writing Prompts