i wo'nt be on for a week so i just wanted to say bye and i love you guysXstay strongX

AND THIS IS IT! (Cocorrina)

Bye Baby Bye - Lipstick lettering by Cocorrina

Goodbye Work, Hello Holidays!

So you’ve noticed that your jeans are getting much tighter and that your cellulite is getting worse. That’s a sign that you have excess fat on your thighs. The fact is, when women gain weight it tends to sit on the buttocks, thighs and hips. The fat settles on your hips and forms what is … Read More →

How To Get Rid of Saddlebags (Step By Step

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If you want to know your underlying self a bit better, deprive yourself of sleep. Your tired mind will be forced to preserve energh for important functions, so say bye bye to your carefully crafted social filters. This reveals your shadow self and any 'deviances' and true feelings. I've learned a lot about myself and others through tiredness.

People are generally more honest when physically tired. This is why people confess things during late night conversations.

It takes a strong woman to leave but it takes a stronger woman to smile through her pain. #staystrong

Damn truth once you’re disgusted by a persons despicable unjustified actions you will never go back

Bad boss                                                                                                                                                     More

My boss made a mistake on a project we were working on and instead of owning his mistake, he said it was my fault. I sat through that me.

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