Chad Michael Murray :)  from that one movie on abc with ashley benson in it <3 forget what its called.

Chad Michael Murray (Austin Ames) from A Cinderella Story.He also played Lucas Scott in One Tree Hill. <<--- And Tristan DuGrey in Gilmore Girls :D sites default files styles 684xflex public 1469225922 072216-chad-michael-murry-lead.jpg?itok=ur8DkcfF

Before he starred on One Tree Hill, Chad Michael Murray played Tristan on Gilmore Girls.

One Tree Hill - Oh Chad Michael Murray, why did you leave??

One Tree Hill "Locked Hearts and Handgrenades" (Episode Image Pictured: Chad Michael Murray as Lucas Scott Credit: © The WB/Fred Norris

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Lucas Scott <3 OMG this is why I watched OTH

Shirtless pictures of handsome young actor Chad Michael Murray from episodes of CW hit TV series One Tree Hill.

Chad Michael Murray, haha I remember when he was in A Cinderella Story

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