Gotta love Badu! (Chaka I see you!)

Chaka Khan & Erykah Badu (SoulDivas) - Talk about 'musicians united'.Two of my favorite singers of all time in one spot!

Chaka Khan (one of the most amazing singers)

Chaka Khan Loses 60 Pounds… Looks Amazing

so she's not rocking the fro like she did back in the day, but Chaka Khan is an eternal natural hair style icon.

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This is Chaka Khan appreciation. Without Chaka, we might never have heard of the (still-underrated) Rufus. We would’ve never had Kanye’s “Through The Wire.” We would’ve just missed so much.

Chaka Khan

chleopatrapaige: “ arievogues: “ Without you, we never would gotten Rufus, would have never gotten Kanye West’s ‘Through the Wire’ or Whitney Houston’s cover of ‘I’m Every Woman.’ Chaka Khan, you’re.

Rufus was an American funk band from Chicago, Illinois best known for launching the career of lead singer Chaka Khan.  Do let your ego kill your talent, get around singer's and musician. Learn, don't lock yourself in your room and sing to your webcam. Get face to face advice, it's much more nicer. Trussst me !

Old Soul Part IX: Chaka Khan - In this installment of Old Soul, Blow The Scene Staff Writer Deb Cohen focuses on the funk phenom Chaka Khan and her incredibly prolific career which has set the bar for modern r&b and soul artists through the World.

Chaka Khan in the 1970’s. Source:harder-than-you-think via harder-than-you-think and Mudwerks

Chaka Khan in the Source:harder-than-you-think via harder-than-you-think and Mudwerks

Ten Times Chaka Khan Proved She Is Music Royalty: 1979 - "Do You Love What You Feel"

Ten Times Chaka Khan Proved She Is Music Royalty

Funk and RnB group Rufus featuring Chaka Khan (L-R Chaka Khan and Andre Fischer and Tony Maiden) perform on the legendary local TV show 'The Scene' circa 1977 in Detroit, Michigan.