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5 Disturbing Baby Care Myths That Just Won't Go Away

Can my rats eat grapes? Plus 25 other foods classified!

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How to Keep Your Rat Warm During the Winter

Close-up of pet rat in cage.

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How to Train Your Pet Rat

The Complete Guide to Rat Training | I miss having rats :3

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Bonding with your Rats: A Beginner's Guide

Tips on bonding with you new pet rat

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17 Facts That Will Make You Love Rats Even More

Rats are little adventurers and they were one of the first animals to make the trip to outer space. | 17 Facts That Will Make You Love Rats Even More

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How to Potty Train Pet Rats

Pet rats are quite hygienic and typically choose one spot to use as a lavatory. This characteristic makes them fairly easy to potty train, although success will depend upon the individual rat's willingness and personal preference for where she relieves herself. You'll need litter and a pan and will have to locate your rat's potty in a strategic...

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Baby back pack

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rats <3 typologies.

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To Understand the Banana, You Must Become the Banana

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