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30 Books To Read This Spring

The stories are a bit like Grimm's Fairy Tales mixed with plausible events, involving characters you can likely relate to or recognize from your real life.


36 writing essays by chuck palahniuk! Totally using one of these to teach writing.


Goddess Of Passion By Carol Cavalaris With your crimson petals Such a vivid attraction You are a seductive Goddess of Passion Prose by Carol Cavalaris ©09


"The future you have tomorrow won't be the same future you had yesterday." -Chuck Palahniuk

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Invisible Monsters: Chuck Palahniuk – Hungover & Dissatisfactory

Invisible Monsters: Chuck Palahniuk The stream-of-consciousness that worked well in Fight Club goes all over the place here and gives you a bad headache as you struggle to figure what’s being said, who’s saying it and if the whole thing is just imagination or nostalgia. The extreme language that gave us adrenalin rushes in his other books feel forced here. The plot drags on in a self-absorbed delirium for most of the book and then suddenly ends in a half-assed, too much to be plausible way.

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Custom Handmade 5x7 Framed Typography Collage After You've Lost Everything Quote - Chuck Palahniuk

Orphan Gospel? What do you think?

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Author Chuck Palahniuk tells us why it's time to re-open Fight Club


Chuck Palahniuk Is Keeping Portland Strange

Chuck Palahniuk Is Keeping Portland Strange | VICE United States