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Thanks for being there for me.  Love you, Ta Cut.  <3
friendship quotes good friends help you to find important things when you have lost them … Your smile, your hope, and your courage.
Luv this too <3
In love with your guy friend
Krása priateľstva nespočíva v natiahnutej ruke, ani v milom úsmeve, ani v radosti zo spoločnosti; je to duchovná inšpirácia, ktorá prichádza, keď si niekto uvedomí, že v neho verí ešte niekto ďalší, komu je ochotný dôverovať. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
Four years ago, on October 9th, I fell in love with the man who had become my best friend. We still text the entire time he's at work (though the kissing waits for home now.) He's still got the best laugh I've ever heard (and the greatest butt in a pair of jeans.) He's an amazing dad (and step dad!) and the strongest, most gentle, loving husband I could ever ask for. Here's to four more years (times infinity!)
Thank you. <3
Bez priateľov nie je šťastia, bez nešťastia nie je priateľstva
My guy best friend is something like this!