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The City of Ember (Books of Ember, #1) OMG this book is great, one of the first Real books I've read when i was younger, lol

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STEM Engineering Challenge Novel Pack ~ The City of Ember, by J. DuPrau

STEM Engineering Challenge Novel Pack ~ The City of Ember, by Jeanne DuPrau $ Paper Box Challenge Pipeworks System Challenge Mini-Greenhouse Challenge Moveable Light Challenge Build a Boat Challenge

Something about the amber lights I saw in my head for the lighting throughout this book made me remember the intensity of playing around after dark in the far corners of shopping parking lots. I don't care for the following books, but this first book in the series was amazing.

Wednesday was "Assignment Day"  for the Grade 5 students of CCS! Upon reading the first couple of chapters from The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau, our Grade 5s enthusiastically participated in...

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City of Ember Novel Study Unit with Questions and Activities

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The City of Ember teacher resources

City of Ember teacher resource


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Runde's Room: Literacy...the city of ember


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Runde's Room: reading activities

city of ember the city puzzle game. Check out Brigette's review of Jeanne DuPrau's The City Of Ember here:

The City of Ember Series by Jeanne DuPrau. Age: 13+. Score: The series itself gets a 100, but individually, I'd say that Ember and People of Sparks both get a 90, Prophet of Yonwood gets a 60, and Diamond of Darkhold gets a 100.