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The thing is, he'd do this. Clint Barton would hide in your ducts and say no when asked about it while still in said ducts

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Ok but I just realized something. Clint says that Quicksilver could die if he just shot the arrow and it would be Clint's fault. Then when he does die it is because he is saving Clint and the kid.

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This made me tear up with happiness.

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Sorry for language but I can see this being Clint, yes.

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Agent Barton, shield recruitment management <-All solid choices

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Nick fury director fury marvel mcu avengers Natasha romanoff Clint Barton hawkeye

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Is that Hawkeye?

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and to tie the Whedonverse on to this... I'm reminded of Xander talking to Dawn about how extraordinary it is to be the ordinary ones surrounded by superheroes.

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Clint probably was tree #3 in the school play, but let's be honest, our fandom would so watch that.

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clint, barton

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