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Ahsoka: The sand is nice. Anakin: The desert is MERCILESS it takes EVERYTHING from you. Ahsoka: ...anyway....

Okay, I'm a HUGE Star Wars fan, but even I am not that hard core! Lol

My favorite part of The Clone Wars series is that if Anakin does anything vaguely extra the Imperial March plays softly in the background, ya know just to remind us what's coming

Hahaha. I'm so glad they did release that last season on Netflix though...


10 Best Star Wars: The Clone Wars Quotes from Shadow of Malevolence (1x03)

Quote from Star Wars: The Clone Wars 1x03 - Nala Se: General Skywalker, I wanted to thank you for your valiant effort today. Do not take the lives you saved lightly. Anakin Skywalker: I don't, but I also can't take the lives I lost lightly.

Incorrect yet Accurate Star Wars quotes part 3

Because this is accurate...Obi-Wan Kenobi, "The Clone Wars".