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Clumber Spaniel: Dignified, calm, affectionate, gentle, loyal, great-hearted

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Clumber Spaniel. Can't decide if I think he's cute.

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Clumber Spaniel puppy; they look like a cross between a Basset Hound and a Cocker Spaniel.

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The Clumber Spaniel comes from France but was developed in England and was bred originally to hunt small game - bird flushing and retrieving.

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Clumber Spaniel- I want him by my fireplace

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Clumbers Spaniels oh so adorable!

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Are Clumber Spaniels good pets? | Clumber Spaniel Dogs and Puppies

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Karlsson the Clumber Spaniel. I am obsessed with this dog.

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Beautiful Clumber Spaniel. Bab Love Moments

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What does a Clumber Spaniel look like? | Clumber Spaniel Dogs and Puppies

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