Things to Do in Williamsburg, Virginia

Things to do in Williamsburg Virginia

You've probably read about Williamsburg, VA in history books. It's the largest living history museum in the United States. Read my top 13 things to do in Williamsburg before planning your next trip. Cambodia Tours -  How to do Colonial Williamsburg in a day (or less!)                                                                                                                                                      More

Can you visit Colonial Williamsburg in a day?

Ideally, you'd take days to explore Colonial Williamsburg, but you can do Williamsburg in a day, or even less!

Insiders' Guide to Williamsburg and Virginia's Historic Triangle

Things to do in Colonial Williamsburg Without Buying a Ticket

Visiting Jamestown Settlement in the Colonial Williamsburg area in Virginia

Jamestown Settlement vs Historic Jamestowne: Which to Visit

Visiting Jamestown Settlement in the Colonial Williamsburg area in Virginia. Should you do Jamestown Settlement or Historic Jamestowne? Do both if you can but if you only have time for one, pick Jamestown Settlement -- see why.

Shields Tavern and Palmer House (Williamsburg, Virginia, United States)

Maxine and I had a great, atmospheric lunch at Shields Tavern(Williamsburg, Virginia, United States)

Merchants Square, Williamsburg, VA. Though I would have preferred under 100 degree weather that day.

Merchants Square, Williamsburg, VA--great shopping area situated between Colonial Williamsburg & William & Mary College.

Don't miss these 11 Free Things to do in Williamsburg Va. They are perfect for stretching your budget when visiting the Historic Triangle!

11 Free Things to do in Williamsburg Va

When Mark was stationed in Norfolk Va at the beginning of our marriage, we tried to see a good part of the area, but we stayed on the other side of…