15 Spooky Tattoo Designs for the Season

"Till death do us part" By Corey Miller :) "Are you / Are you / Coming to the tree / Where they strung up a man they say murdered three / Strange things did happen here / No stranger would it be / If we met up at midnight in the hanging tree.

Corey Miller is a sick ass tattoo artist. Can you believe how he drew it on the person's arm and it turned out perfect

Corey Miller is an amazing tattoo artist. He drew it, free style, no stencil, on the client's arm and it turned out perfect! He loves to free style!

Bluewater Motel - Route 66 In Bluewater, New Mexico. Along old Route 66 outside Grants. As in many of these old motels, the motel itself has long been closed. Now this one houses used cars.

Freshly Inked interviews tattoo artist Corey Miller of Six Feet Under Tattoo Parlor.

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World famous tattoo artist Corey Miller to design custom wrap for Raybestos 2014 Toyota Tundra Sweepstakes Build!