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A decorated column drawing in incredible detail - notice how line hatching becomes more condense and therefore darker as the surface turns away from the light.

corinthian column

The Corinthian order is similar in design to the Ionic. The capital is the most distinct difference. The accompanying image does a good job of displaying the very decorative components that set the Corinthian order apart.

The 5 classical orders of architecture as shown in Vincenzo Scamozzi's 'L'Idea della Archittetura Universale from 1615. From left to right : 1) The Composite or Roman Corithian order, the most delicate of all types deemed suitable by the Renaissance architects for churches dedicated to female saints. It is called composite because of the combination of Corinthian and Ionic elements. 2) The Corinthian order with its elaborated capitals the most ornate of the classical/Greek orders and…

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Corinthian Capital with stylised acanthus leaf motif......I have to draw this for my art history class......

Corinthian Capital ~Terence Faircloth - Corinthian capital from the Federal Reserve Bank on South LaSalle Street in Chicago, Illinois.

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Corinthian columns in Jerash, Jordan (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) That's the message the industry's trade association is drawing from the.