Corset Designs by ~AmarisGrey on deviantART. Very good reference :D

Types of corsets for any figures [Who knew there was so much to think about in designing a corset!

Black and Red with Lace Ruffled Hemline Overbust Gothic Corset

New Victorian Steampunk Corsets and Belts

New Victorian Steampunk Corsets for Sale - Black and Red Floral Satin Gothic…

Gorgeous shape--don't really like the blue shade but otherwise is lovely! Royalblack, so incredibly beautiful. This is a work of art I wish I could afford.

Royal Black - Cupped Overbust Corset "Turquoise Noir" "Turquoise Noir" is an overbust with integrated cups, made from intense turquoise dupioni sil.

Утягивающий корсет. Корсет выполнен из настоящего павлопосадского платка. Имеет 14 металлических костей, подкладка 100 % хлопок.   Утяжка в талии от 10 см.. Возможно изготовление другой расцветки.  Ткань в стоимость не входит.

The corset is made of the present Pavloposadskiye handkerchief. It has 14 metal bones, lining cotton. Utjazhki waist from 10 cm . is possible to produce other colors.