Crossfit humor. Yes I suck at all of these things, but I just keep showing up.

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LOL so very true for me. Chris laughs at me everytime when the WOD says burpees. He will laugh and I automatically know I have burpees. But I LOVE Crossfit!

Crossfit humor. 20 rounds 20 squats and 200 meter run. Pain.

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Life is short - False, it's the longest thing you do. Funny Dwight Schrute Meme, The Office TV Show. love this show!

I'm pretty sure this happens to me every damn day lol

See the WOD = that doesn't look to bad! During the WOD = hating on life! After the WOD = can't wait until the next one :D

Every box should have this! And every beginner should invest in this too! LOL!

Even the intermediate crossfitter


That real talk

I hate wall balls. Worse than #burpees. (Yes - I did just say that!)

I hate wall balls. Worse than read that right, more than burpees!

Ha!!! "When I'm at crossfit and guys shirts come off... Thank you, Jesus!" #Crossfit #Humour

For some of those hard to win baseball/softball games.

Crossfitianism Takes Over - Collection Of Crossfit Memes (25 photos)

Crossfitianism Takes Over - Collection Of Crossfit Memes photos)

Crossfit Humor. I haven't actually bled yet but I've got some good calluses going on!

cross fit gives you ugly hands :)

Please note my time...

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"If I pass out, please note my time" boat house quotes

until you hit yourself in the face with a bar doing snatches. lol

Uh, unless you are so exhausted that you land on your face!

Crossfit. Double unders.

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Pretty much every time and yet...I keep going back.

You won't regret it once you start making progress!

CrossFit-open-2015-50-years-pic.jpg (610×610)

No rep biatch! I can see this being me one day.

Image result for funny workout memes

Image result for funny workout memes

Hate them. lol

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