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CrossFit Terminology: Your Ultimate Guide - Bikini Fitness

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Awesome Infographic for anyone interested in Fitness and/or CrossFit. Great job, Kelsea Everett!!

Barehand - Minimalist glove for workout

Awesome Infographic for anyone interested in Fitness and/or CrossFit. Great job, Kelsea Everett!!

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15 Trainers' Favorite TRX Exercises

#crossfit --I'm sure this would be challenging to see how many rounds you can do in 20 min each day/week

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Paleo Takeover

Paleo Takeover - Favorite Pins

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Week 2: A WOD for Every Week Day | Powder City

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6 HIIT Workouts

Get Fit with HIIT: 6 Workouts plus a HIIT It Hard Playlist (plus enter to win a pair of wireless headphones from Jabra!)

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The Ultimate Foam Rolling Routine

Roll out the kinks and avoid injury with this total-body massage sequence from The Bicycling Big Book of Training. |

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When you don't have time to drop in or don't want to use the machines at the hotel because well.. they suck.

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HAWK full body workout with running and bodyweight exercises. Might need a medicine ball for thrusters

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Notice Steady Gains in Your Crossfit.

NOTICE STEADY GAINS IN YOUR CROSSFIT. Fall in love with the process and the results will come.

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7 Superfoods For Weight Loss

A 25-minute high intensity AMRAP workout for total body cardio and strength training.

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practice, practice, practice! PANDORA Jewelry More than 60% off! 35 USD…

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Technique Tips for the 25 Most Important Crossfit Exercises

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8 Stretches Your Tight Hips Are Begging For

8 Stretches Your Tight Hips Are Begging For // An essential thing to do for all athletes!

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A 4-Minute Tabata Workout for People Who Have No Time

Tabata is a type of interval training that brings your heart rate up and gets you a workout in just 4 minutes. Try our fat-blasting routine to get slim and sweaty, stat. |

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Not sure how to eat for fitness? Quick & easy guide to pre-workout meals!

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Dont compare youself to others!! Everyone is different!

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A Beginner's Guide to CrossFit For Runners (& The 16 WODs You Must Try

For a complete newbie, starting a CrossFit training program might seem intimidating. With that said, you don’t need to fret about anything. I got you covered my buddy. Today I’m going to share with you all you need to know about starting a CrossFit training program. #CrossFit #Start #Runner

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Ladder Workout Challenge

Use this Ladder Workout Challenge with burpees and squats as your "morning wake up workout" or as a quick cardio session after weights! It is a great way to get your heart rate up and finish your workout strong! #sponsored by Polar

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14 Exercises You Can Do While Lying Down

At home crossfit workout for beginners

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Short and Intense, This 10-Minute CrossFit Video Will Leave You Sweaty and Sore: Grab a set of dumbbells and get ready to get your CrossFit on with Reebok ambassador Yumi Lee.

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in-pursuit-of-fitness: For more fitness motivation:...

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CrossFit. Everyday at the box.

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A Viewer's Guide to the CrossFit Games

CrossFit for the confused-a guide to WODs, goats, & more

A Viewer's Guide to the CrossFit Games

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