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35 Realistic Android Cyborg Girls Photo manipulations

Beautiful Digital Photo manipulation Art by ibitiura – Photoshop Website – Tutorials,Brushes & more.

'No.02' ~cyborg girl illustration by yintion J (on Artstation) - detail

~cyborg girl illustration by yintion J - mecha suits on women always try to capitalize on impractical, and sexistic, clothing.

"Reina- Prosthetics Studies" by Tekka-Croe. Looks like this chick would fit right at home in a Deus Ex or Cyberpunk game. // DeviantART

Cyberpunk, Future, Cyborg, Futuristic, Reina- Prosthetics Studies by ~Tekka-Croe on deviantART (Sanyu)

You could cut off the ends of plugs and attach them like this then use some scar material to make it realistic

Cyborg Digital Art by Diamante Murru – Photoshop Website – Tutorials,Brushes & more.

cyborg girl - plugged in

Battle Angel · A painting inspired by Sorayama's "Sexy Robots". Featured on the cover of Heavy Metal magazine · Robot Woman

Cyborg love

"Idoru" - Derby Blue {contemporary figurative illustrator android bionic arms woman posterior back painting}