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Like your car, body, house, and occasionally bedroom, cycling gear requires a good cleaning. Here some helpful tips. How to Wash Your Cycling Gear -

How to Wash Your Cycling Gear

Seymour Oceanweave Wedge 2.8 H2O - Frame and Seat Bags - Bags/Panniers - Products - Axiom Cycling Gear
The MAAP Edge/3 is a high performance road shoe manufactured by Swiss company Suplest. The core of the Edge/3 is the unique Ergo 360° cycling last which is spec

Suplest Shoe

Beginner road cycling kit. Road cycling gear for the beginner cyclist.

11 Must Have Items for the Beginner Road Cyclist

Cycling shorts are a tough purchase.  I had no clue what I was looking for when I bought my first two pair but I knew I didn’t want to spend the kind of money they were asking for at the bike…

The Noob’s Guide to Buying Cycling Shorts – Exactly what to look for and what to avoid…

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another ladies DARK HORSE winter cycling jersey ! Long sleeve jersey