cypress hill (@ B. Real ;)

Serious ‪throwback‬ to Cypress Hill on the set for the ‪"How I Could Just Kill A Man‬" video.

Cypress Hill- My oldest daughter still sings 'insane in the brain' ..uhm, but in Spanish.  Loco En El Coco. A part of me wishes I was joking.

Nothing better than hip hop music, Learn how to freestyle rap here…

Slightly Stoopid 4/20 at Red Rocks with Cypress Hill & Tribal Seeds.

Slightly Stoopid, Cypress Hill & Tribal Seeds April Red Rock Amphitheater :)


Pin for Later: 35 Songs You Heard in Pitch Perfect 2 "Insane in the Membrane" Original artist: Cypress Hill Who sings it in the movie: Das Sound Machine

cypress hill opened for Lincoln Park in 2002

B-Real and Cypress Hill, the original Latino(s), to introduce the barrio to hip-hop.

Beastie boys & Cypress hill

The Best of Underground Hip-Hop : Beastie Boys, Cypress Hill, and House of Pain

cypress-hill-dr-greenthumb-wp.jpg 320×480 pixels

cypress-hill-dr-greenthumb-wp.jpg 320×480 pixels