The Secret Life of the American Teenager - Season 1 - And Unto Us, A Child is Born - Daren Kagasoff as Ricky

<TSLOTAT> Look at my soon to be boyfriend holding my new born baby JKJK -xoxo kenzie

Daren Kagasoff

Daren Kagasoff- Better known as Ricky from "The Secret Life of an American Teenager", the man has gained a ton of popularity as the bad boy who tries not to show he's good.

I wish I had her hair!! Btw if you haven't seen this show, I used to love it. And these two are the cutest couple ever!

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Daren kagasoff yumm... secret life of the american teenager

Daren Kagasoff of Secret Life of the American Teenager

Daren Kagasoff, can I have him,please mom, I'll take care of him

Hottie😍 daren kagasoff from secret life of the American teenager!