Pinning this because my son and I love "My Hero". Also, my son wants to play the trumpet and if he is passionate enough I feel that he will succeed!

10 reasons Dave Grohl is awesome. This is why I love Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters!

Dave Grohl is funny and an inspiration himself. I'm gonna make it!

Dave Grohl is funny and an inspiration himself


Dave Grohl is a REAL musician for people who love REAL music.

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The Holy Grohly The Holy Grail Dave Grohl Foo Fighters foofighters playing guitar held high in air February 2015

Dave Grohl, back then...

Check out pictures of famous drummer Dave Grohl! All the top Dave Grohl pictures featured on one page.

Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl (Dave has forged an identity of his own and now writes songs about things other than K.

dave grohl--probably the coolest guy in the rock world today.  Someone who actually cares about the quality of what he puts out into the world, with is sadly lacking with most musicians these days.

'Sound City' Documentary: Dave Grohl's Labour of Love

‘Sound City’ Documentary: Dave Grohl’s Labour Of Love, And Why Paul McCartney Made The Cut