Dave Navarro of Janes Addiction / INK Masters - Photo by Reverend Vegas(www.reverend-vegas.com)

Dave Navarro of Jane's Addiction / INK Masters - Photo by Reverend Vegas. dark, deep, intelligent and sensuous; could kinda work for Donn.

dave navarro 2016 - Google zoeken<---this maybe last year but he's 50 now but he definitely don't look it

United Talent Agency has added Dave Navarro to their talent roster. Navarro, who has been a touring musician for over 20 years, has branched out into multiple fields throughout his career including…

Some wear their hearts on their sleeves, as the expression goes. Others live their lives mapped on their bodies in indelible ink. Dave Navarro...

Dave Navarro as Frankie Deluva in Undeniable (Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan

Jane's Addiction: Dave Navarro by basseca on DeviantArt

Dave Navarro of Jane's Addiction playing Big Music Fest in Kitchener last weekend. Other band shots include , , , , and Jane's Addiction: Dave Navarro

Dave Navarro  Jane's Addiction performing on stage...

Jane's Addiction performing on stage at Massey Hall for their Theatre of the Escapists Tour 2012

Dave Navarro for Peta

Ink not Mink – Dave Navarro

Dave Navarro has shot an ad where he is naked for PETA. "Ink, No Mink" says the rock star. Navarro let's it be knwon he used to wear mink but no l

Dave Navarro - highly talented lead guitarist for Janes Addiction and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

"Navarro challenged indie rock snubs to deal with the presence of an undeniably great rock guitarist in an underground band.

sexy, not necessarly "HOT"  its the eyes ,mouth, jaw line , a look (stare) sometimes the voice ( you know, the Sam Elliott commercials)  Sexy is a state of mind .

Dave Navarro

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dave navarro

Dave Navarro- probably my longest running celeb crush, right there with johnny dep :)

Bad boy Dave Navarro - Jane's Addiction band

Bad boy Dave Navarro - Jane's Addiction band, he creeps me out for alot of little reasons aside from being a "prettier than me" man.