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Decimal Place Value With Playing Cards!

In this quick and easy decimal place value game, students compete against one another to form the highest decimal number using playing cards.

Roll It! Rounding Game

This FREE rounding decimals game worked great in my math centers! The game board for rounding decimals to the nearest hundredth was excellent practice for both my graders and graders.

Several activities for teaching whole number and decimal place value.

5th Grade Math Centers: 5th Grade Decimals Games {5.NBT.3, 5.NBT.4}

Adding Decimals Digital Lesson to use with Google Classroom

Add decimals | 4th grade decimals | decimal math centers | decimal place value | 4th grade math | 4th grade | math centers | Google Classroom Math Ideas | Practice adding decimals with this set of digital task cards to share with students using Google Classroom. NO Printing, cutting, or laminating. ($)

Fraction Decimal Percent Conversion Task Cards

Fractions and Decimals Digital Lesson to use with Google Classroom

Fractions and Decimals | 4th grade fractions | 4th grade decimals | fraction math centers | decimal math centers | Google Classroom 4th grade math | Practice writing fractions and decimals using models. Paperless practice to share with students on Google Classroom. ($)

Fraction, Decimal, Percent Color by Number (Valentine Theme)

Try this self-checking Valentine color by number to help your students practice converting fractions, decimals,and percents. #math

Extending Decimal Place Value Understanding Through Problem Solving

Multi-Digit Multiplication with Decimals SCOOT - 5th Grade