That Derek Hale smile :D Funny....I was just thinking about Derek's cutie pie smile tonight at me through the hellishness <3 haha 4-23-16

That Derek Hale smile :D Funny.I was just thinking about Derek's cutie pie smile tonight at work.

Derek's sarcastic face lol

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Even the stars are not immortal

Teen Wolf ~ Derek Hale w/ Wolf - Pretty Fan art

Hey there. I'm Richard. Call me Rick. I'm eighteen and I'm Annabeth's older brother. But I'm not like her. She's cute and bubbly, and I don't really talk very much. Our powers are complete opposites. She supercharges powers, and I drain them. Also, I have laser vision like Cyclops, but I can turn it off. Introduce? (FC: Tyler Hoechlin)

Which Teen Wolf Guy Should You Hook Up With?

share any good pictures of Tyler Hoechlin here. Tyler Lee Hoechlin is an American actor who got his big break starring as Tom Hanks' son in the film Road to Perdition . Vote for the best Hoechlin photo.

It had to be pinned.

Stuck On You (Sterek) - Chapter 1

Tyler Hoechlin is my kinda werewolf

Teen Wolf- Derek Hale

Teen Wolf on

Teen Wolf- Derek Hale This is my favorite scene ever

teen wolf, derek hale, and blue afbeelding

teen wolf, derek hale, and blue Pintrest →bea kappe←

Derek Hale Teen Wolf | Derek Hale - Teen Wolf Photo (34961440) - Fanpop fanclubs

Wallpaper and background photos of Derek Hale for fans of Teen Wolf images.

I got Derek Hale! Which "Teen Wolf" Character Do You Belong With?

Which "Teen Wolf" Character Do You Belong With?

Tyler Hoechlin, Teen Wolf (gif) Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my chin :)

Kiedy zwrócisz mu uwagę na to, że pewnych rzeczy nie można załatwić siłą

Teen Wolf - Preferencje - 20. Imagify - Derek Hale

Am I the only one that sees Tyler Hoechlin as Patch?

Sorry, but this can't replace the real teen wolf. GO 42!(btw 42 is the basketball number in the original)

"I was evolving." I vote to give Derek Hale a normal season on Teen Wolf.

Tyler Hoechlin (... more gifs)

Tyler Hoechlin on 'Teen Wolf'

All eight of Derek’s abs. | 17 Reasons You Can't Stop Watching "Teen Wolf"

pretty much the only reason i watch teen wolf

derek hale. teen wolf.

derek hale, oh how I love you

Tyler Hoechlin- Swiss-German, German, English, Norwegian, Scottish, and Irish Heritage

Derek Hale, oooh so fine ;

Teen Wolf * Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin) ~ Allowed himself to be a punching bag :(

Teen Wolf ~ Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin) - this scene omg