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That Derek Hale smile :D Funny....I was just thinking about Derek's cutie pie smile tonight at me through the hellishness <3 haha 4-23-16

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Ta calor hj né Más

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Teen Wolf ~ Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin) - this scene gave me so many feels

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I Really Fucking Love You [Sterek] - Chapter 1

It had to be pinned. Because Dang!! Tyler looks too good. #Derek #TylerHoechlin

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Tyler Hoechlin -- When this guy smiles. Dead. the only good looking guy with facial hair

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{ Tyler Hoechlin } "I'm Derek. I am the Alpha. As a part of my pack you will do whatever I say and always follow my rules. Kill with me or get killed. That's how it goes here. I am 21 and single. I'm not looking for anybody because it doesn't matter. If you disobey me you will not like the consequences."

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Sorry, but this can't replace the real teen wolf. GO 42!(btw 42 is the basketball number in the original)

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Derek Hale- I don't even care that this is the 50 millionth picture I've pinned of him.

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Is there any reason why my name's on the king ?

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Teen Wolf on

Teen Wolf- Derek Hale

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