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I like to dirt bike with my buddies in the river bottom. I ride a Honda We built a track and love to hill climb.

F Yeah Dirt Bikes- can't do this anymore since I broke my back (in a car accident,  which is sad and funny looking backwards in time).

I've been driving dirt bikes sense I was 9 years old. My parents bought my little brother, and I dirt bikes when we were younger and would take us to open wide areas to practice

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Motocross Helmets

Honda CRF250R Graphic Kits 2004-2012 - Honda MX Decals and Stickers for dirt bikes crf450, cr500, cr250, crf150, crf50, xr650, cr125, crf 450, cr 500, cr 250, crf 150, crf 50, xr 650, cr 125, 230f

Honda Graphic Kits - Honda MX Decals and Stickers for dirt bikes crf cr cr crf crf xr cr that's my kind of dirt bike :**

Me dream house

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