Only tattoos last longer - the Dr Martens 1460 boot Aka Mermaid Boots

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oh my goodness guys. i couldnt be more happier. ive reached 8k. simce i first started pinterest, ive always had a goal. my first goal was 100 followers. and then 200 followers. etc. but my ultimate goal was 8k. ever since i got my first followers ive wanted 8k ultimately. and its finally happened. i couldnt be more happy and more proud. its like im winnig an award. without you guys, i wouldnt be this big. and i know theres accounts out there with 40k & everyone calls (continued in comments)

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Dr. Martens 1460 Smooth Boot. Everyone needs a good, sturdy pair of ass-kicking boots.

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These are so beautiful. I love the contrast on the B & W background. These boots are completely awesome!

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Holographic boots need to get in my life x

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Dr. Martens Floral Lace-Up Boot Yes I would wear these! Too cute...

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Check out my YouTube:

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!!!!!!!!!!! <3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Starry Doc Martens

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That must be what heaven looks like.

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