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Doctor Who cross stitch is officially a thing

Doctor Who 4th Doctor scarf stitch counts this is the pattern my mother used to make my dad's scarf. accurate!

Doctor Who 4th Doctor scarf

Directions for the Tom Baker Dr. Who scarf. I must find somebody who loves me and can knit! I can knit, but I'd mess it up. >> Hey I got a Whovian friend with a birthday coming up! Better get out the crochet hooks and wool!

Doctor Who quilt

My youngest son will be 35 on Sept. 1 and a big Doctor Who fan. When I saw this fabric I knew I had to make a quilt for him. It is lap size and

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10 of the BEST Doctor Who Crafts

This one-of-a-kind twin-sized “Tardis” quilt is sure to thrill any Dr. Who enthusiast. Finished measurements are More than twenty