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22 fotos perfectamente tiempo que tienes que ver! 1 - https://www.facebook.com/different.solutions.page

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Is that what you think it is? Maybe. As you look closer, these optical illusion photos will change right before your eyes..

With all the cameras and smartphones out there, it's no surprise that, once in a while, someone captures a truly bizarre once-in-a-lifetime photo. Whatever you want to call them – forced perspectives, optical illusions or pictures taken at just the right angle – these pictures are brilliant and hilarious because they totally twist your perception of what is real. They've captured just the right split-second moment and from just the right angle to fool your brain.

Kai Tak, Hong Kong.

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Really cool multiple shots of planes taking off. oh the layering!

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Determination If you want something you've never had, then you've got to do something you've never done.

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This photo is really compelling. Its like the person is trying to escape reality and all the crowdedness of the city. It makes me scared but its also a freeing type of scared. If that makes sense.

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20 Perfectly Timed Breathtaking Pictures - Part II

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