Dora Maar photographed by the pioneer Man Ray

Man Ray (August 1890 – November born Emmanuel Radnitzky, was an American artist who spent most of his career in Paris, Fran.

Photo: Dora Maar. Sans titre (1934).

Dora Maar (aka Henriette Theodora Markovitch) Sans Titre (Main-Coquillage), Untitled (Hand and Shell), 1934 Share

Paul and Nusch Éluard, Mougins 1937 -by Dora Maar[orig. caption: Paul et Nusch Éluard enlacés dans léblouissement du soleil, Hôtel Vastes Horizons] from: Chantal Vieuille, Nusch, portrait dune muse du Surréalisme (Artelittera, 2009)

paul & nusch eluard, by dora maar Paul Éluard – was a French poet who was one of the founders of the surrealist movement.Nusch Éluard (born Maria Benz was a French performer, model and surrealist artist.

Pablo Picasso. By his lover, photographer Dora Maar

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Pablo Picasso Photographed by Dora Maar

Dora Maar and Man Ray - 1936, The Years Lie in Wait for You / Spider / Nusch Eluard

Dora Maar, Les annees vous guettent (Nusch Eluard), 1932 noclue what it says but interesting

Dora Maar (Henriette Theodora MarKovic) - (1907-1997) - Muse and lover of Pablo Picasso and one of the most important Surrealist photographers. She spent time with André Breton, Georges Bataille, Paul Eluard and Man Ray, whose assistant she became before opening her own studio in 1945.  Self portrait 1930.

mujeresartistas: “ Dora Maar - Self-portrait Henriette Theodora Marcovich was brought up in Buenos Aires where her father was a renowned architect and where she began to capture the harrowing verticality of buildings. In she settled in.

Dora Maar, par Man Ray 1936 - Photographe surréaliste, effacée de l'HIStoire, phagocitée par le vampire Picasso - 1907-1997

Man RayAmerican, Portrait of Dora Maar, 1936 Gelatin silver print Taft Museum of Art Cincinnati, Ohio, USA © Estate of Man Ray

Dora Maar and her portrait of Alice B. Toklas with her inseparable dog, Paris. Photographed by Michel Sima, 1946.  (see the painting )

Dora Maar and her portrait of Alice B. Toklas, Paris 1946 -by Michel Sima from: “Les vies de Dora Maar - Bataille, Picasso et les surréalistes”, transl. of: Christian-Martin Diebold, “Dora Maar: with and without Picasso”