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I love to dance to dubstep you should check out a video I just made

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daft punk by ap6y3 d5xlj551 A Tribute: 40 Awesome Daft Punk Artworks

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#datsik #digitalassasinstour in 2 weeks :> 3/8/14 tour ends right here in LA<3 #firepowerrecords

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Yes u do sort of magically go somewhere else!!

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Skrillex: T-Shirts

I think this perfectly explains (and shows) my own personal dubstep addiction.

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When people ask why i play my radio so loud

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I don't care a ton for Dubstep, but kitty Skrillex is just too cute!

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I'm a girl, and I headband! IJS but yeah, ROCK ON! …

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My favourite music record, Monstercat <3

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Dwayne The Rock joins movie based on… a picture.

It's a...rainbow fire-shooting unicorn party in your ears. IT'S EPIC!!!!

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