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Dyslexia Card for Teachers - from Dyslexic Advantage

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Is your child or grandchild struggling with Dyslexia? This roundup of apps can help a dyslexic hone vital skills to improve spelling, reading, and more. Using technology, alongside of professional therapies, is an excellent opportunity to expand the learning for kids, teens, and adults dealing with dyslexia. Apps To Help With Dyslexia

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How To Help A Student With Dyslexia Learn To Read

Here you'll find many practical ideas and strategies to help students with a learning difficulty, such as dyslexia, learn to read and spell.

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Using Red Ink on Yellow Paper for Memory Enhancement

Using Red Ink on Yellow Paper for Memory Enhancement ~ "I was enrolled in a local Technical College in a 2 yr Civil Engineering Technology program. One of the instructors insisted we do all of our rough calculations & drawings on yellow paper but w/ red ink. There were about 20 students in the class & none of us had heard of this method. He said he had heard from a psychologist friend that the combination of red on yellow was helpful w/ memory." (Dyslexia Victoria Online)

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Some people think of dyslexia as a learning issue that only involves reading. But brain differences associated with dyslexia can make a number of tasks difficult. Here's an overview of skills and behaviors dyslexia can affect.

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Once I began this method, my dyslexic son not only learned his sight words easily, he enjoyed learning them as well!

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iPad Apps for Dyslexia/Reading Writing Support

Great reference of apps for dyslexia

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Different Types of Dyslexia

There's only one official type of dyslexia. But over the years scientists have explored the idea that there might be different subtypes of dyslexia. Learn about two of the more widely mentioned subtypes: phonological and surface dyslexia.

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10 Things About Dyslexia Every Teacher Needs to Know

Dyslexia takes different forms, and what works for one child doesn’t necessarily work for another.

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ReadingPen for help with dyslexia. I must have these for my three beautiful dyslexics!!

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