Eddie Vedder Unplugged - remember watching this over and over like it was yesterday

Eddie Vedder Unplugged - remember watching this over and over like it was yesterday.: no one can sing like Eddie Vedder SEXY!

Eu não sei se me apaixonei pela roupa dele, pelo cabelo dele ou por ele por completo  Leia agora os nossos artigos sobre música grunge em http://mundodemusicas.com/category/grunge/

Happy birthday to Eddie Vedder today! Still nothing hotter than a guy wearing a flannel shirt, shorts and combat boots. especially when it's Eddie Vedder :D

Eddie Vedder <3 Você já conhece “Let’s Play Two”, o novo documentário dos Pearl Jam que acompanha os concertos lendários no Wrigley Field, a 20 e 22 de agosto de 2016, durante o campeonato que consagrou os Chicago Cubs como vencedores da World Series de Beisebol? Confira em http://mundodemusicas.com/lets-play-two-pearl-jam/

Let’s Play Two: a celebração especial da Música e Desporto dos Pearl Jam

Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam plays the electric ukelele

Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam plays the electric ukelele. The Eddie vedder in my head is quite possibly impossible.

I know I was born and I know that I will die the in between is mine.

Poster I Am Mine

"I know I was born, and I know that I'll die. The in between is mine. I am mine, Pearl Jam -

Eddie Vedder, an American musician and singer-songwriter who is best known for being the lead singer and one of three guitarists of the alternative rock band Pearl Jam. Known for his powerful vocals, he is widely considered an icon of alternative rock.

Eddie Vedder (Capricorn), lead singer for Pearl Jam. In the he was my perfect man - sensitive with a social conscience. Saw Pearl Jam live in concert 5 or 6 times.

Eddie Vedder, MTV Unplugged,1992

Pearl Jam Through the Years

Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam

31 Hunks From '90s Bands Then And Now

Millions of places to go on the interweb but I end up back with Mr Vedder. Coincidence? I think not.

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