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Photograph of a beautiful Native American child taken by Edward Curtis

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goodmemory: Photo of Three Eagles, an associate...

This dramatic photo of Three Eagles, an associate of Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce, was copyrighted by Edward Curtis in 1910. More

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Native american hupa man with spear 8x10 photo curtis

Edward. S. Curtis. Resonates the past of Native Americans and their culture. (although many were posed.)

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Famous Photographers

Edward Curtis ... the man who photographed many of the Native American's on this board.

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Edward Curtis photograph from 1905. The picture shows Red Hawk, an Oglala Indian on a horse at a pool of water. This is really an incredible photograph capturing a bygone era.

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Hopi. My very favourite picture. I love this tribe and I think this must be an Edward Curtis photograph? So beautiful.

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Edward S Curtis - after the closure of the frontier, Curtis documented the native American people recognising that a way of life had been forever lost

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Native American Edward Curtis Hopi Child by griffinlb, via Flickr

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Sitting Bear, 1908. Photographer: Edward Curtis. Native American, indian, feather, head piece, a face that have many stories to tell, outfit, culture, male, man, proud, wild, vintage, photo, sapira.

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Edward Curtis, native american, indian, culture, history, vintage, photo, sapira

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