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cute emo boy I love his glove :)

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"Wth Kyle! I told you to pose for a picture not be yourself!" I laugh at his face. Someone walks up behind me (open rp)

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5 Seconds of Summer Billboard Cover Shoot| Billboard

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Andy sixx...or as I like to call him, husband #2

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Round of applause for his parents! ;D

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(Face claim: christopher mccrory) Hey, I'm Hadrian. I'm Jon's best friend. I'm 19 and single *winks*. I sing and act. I can be a bit of a flirt, but I'm very loyal and protective. Introduce?

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cute emo boys | Tumblr

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I might love scene and emo guys but I also love the ones who can play guitar and ones who expresses themselves

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Hai! ^0^ I’m tumblr user evanecho. I’ve been on tumblr for almost 5 months now! I’d love it if you guys would check out my blog! I’m very active, and my blog is very versatile. It’s a mixture of my...

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