Another #england #tattoo #design #drawing #lion #stgeorgecross #proud ...

Another #england #tattoo #design #drawing #lion #stgeorgecross #proud ...

Big Ben, Eye of London, crown, phone booth, Tower

English culture icons.

Shaun, Smokin’ Joe’s Tattoos, Grand Island,Nebraska. I love the idea of this tattoo.

My first tattoo. I’m fought through a serious illness that nearly killed me, and have been trying to live a fuller life. My daughter had gotten two tats that represented places in the world she.

'Made in England' - Cara Delevingne

London fashion week spring/summer 2014 live blog - day three

Umbrella                                                                                                                                                                                 More

I think I want an upside down umbrella on the side of my wrist or an umbrella with rain inside (maybe that's too cliché though)

Aaron Girard Portfolio | Stingray Bodyart

"Aaron Girard Portfolio" I am not a big fan of Britian or the UK but his is a great tattoo that completely blows me away with the suggestion of water in the shadows/reflections of the skyline.