Art of Diatom algae (from Ernst Haeckel) B305/0177 Rights Managed Credit: MEHAU KULYK/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY

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Ernst Haeckel 1974 Corals Art Print by NaturalistCollection, $5.00

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Ammonitida, plate 44, Kunstformen der Natur (1904) by Ernst Haeckel. You can't really go wrong with Haeckel.

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Ernst Haeckel’s ”Kunstformen der Natur” showing various sea anemones classified as Actiniae. From Wikimedia Commons.

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Ernst Haeckel was a turn of the century German biologist that changed the world with his scientific illustrations.

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http://UpCycle.Club Forever Elusive ☕ merely presents Ernst Haeckel, in Kunstformen der Natur, 1904, Also check the video from our prolific member & inspiring coffee artist Maria A. Aristidou @upcycleclub

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Ernst Haeckel Art Print Beautiful Colored Book Page PLATE 55 and 56 Beautiful Large Ocean Sea Shells in Black and White and Crab, Ocean Life and Nature

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Ernst Haeckel drawings Más

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Ernst Haeckel - my supervisor asked me to do some lit searches for him a while back on this fellow... Usually literature searches are *boring* and tedious! This was amazing... Love Haeckel's work!

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Ernst Haeckel JELLYFISH Art Print Vintage by NaturalistCollection

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