EVE Online - spaceship size comparison.. My ships are so small right now..But tomorrow Im able to fly a Battle Cruiser! Excited :)

EVE Online - spaceship size comparison Played Eve for a couple of hours and it always fascinated me. but i never was good enough or never had the endurance to get one of these fu.

EvE Online -Tornado by supersampled.deviantart.com on @deviantART

EvE Online -Tornado - My go-to for an alpha strike. I use this to kill people in places that are supposed to be safe. Nowhere is safe in EvE.

EVE Online

EVE Online infographic details what makes the game unique

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Ascog Primary Arrangement by ~dlamont on deviantART

Ascog Battleship Created for EVE Online: Create a starship contest Alternative arrangement with colour orthographic views.

Hurricane (Minmatar Republic Combat Battlecruiser) - EVE Online ships

Hurricane Fleet Issue (Minmatar navy Combat Battlecruiser) fitting, attributes and screenshots at EVE Online Ships

Raata Sunset SKINs Now Available On All Tech I Amarr Hulls! - EVE Online News…

We are happy to announce that the Raata Sunset line of Designer SKINs is now availble for all Tech I Amarr ships in the New Eden Store! You can buy the Raata Sunset SKINs individually or as part of three discounted bundles.